We may not be able to create a barrier-free world.
But a wheel that can take on anything.

You’re out all day.

To work, to school, to university.

In the afternoon you’re on sports and in the evening you meet your friends at the bar.
You don’t want to be slow.

On your way with a conventional wheel you can quickly feel any vibration.

A wrong impact at a kerb or during sports and the wheel is ready for repair.

Quality rather than quantity.

You know what every gram more means, when you have to move it all day long.

We at Brave Components have rethought the wheelchair wheel.

Our textile spokes are made of multi-plait high performance fibre and are unbelievably tearresistant. They provide precise concentricity, cushion unevenness better and are also much lighter than conventional metal spokes. Perhaps they are the lightest spokes in the world.

Brave Components. The wheel rethought.

We give possibilities.

It is our drive to create something that takes people forward sustainably. We believe in the potential of innovative products that improve life.
One of our cornerstones is the conviction that freedom is the sum of all the possibilities available to a human being. With our developments we would like to give these possibilities to a large number of people.